Send Audio Messages on Android Apps

Send Audio Messages on Android Apps

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With the global popularity of social media, audio messages are getting popular since their first day on the market. More people are familiar with this type of communication method. Let’s get to know better about this popular communicating technology.OaFSMS Service, A2P SMS, Global SMS, BUKA Cloud Communication

What is an audio message?

An audio message is using an audio system to record your voice, and send it to your contacts. With typing being difficult under some circumstances, audio messages can be a good alternative for text messages. For example, when you are doing physical work and your hands are not typing, recording audio messages can be convenient. Usually, people use audio messages to communicate with each other, just like text messages.OaFSMS Service, A2P SMS, Global SMS, BUKA Cloud Communication

Why use audio messages?

Audio messages are much more convenient to use than text messages. With a button holding and you are ready to record your audio messages. For people who have difficulties in typing, or typing is sometimes complex for the old and illiterate people, it is easy for them to just talk and send it to their friends. Even for people who can type, audio messages are also far more convenient for them to use.Audio messages can convey emotions. That’s it, audio messages can express emotively which can not be done by typing. You are angry, and you express your anger through audio messages, and people can feel your anger when they listen to your audio messages. It is way better that you type “I’m very angry” ten times.

How to send an audio message?

Hold the speaking icon.Speak on the phone about the message you would like to send. 15 seconds to 1 minute is fine.Once recorded, release the speaking icon.Your audio message is sent.Click the play button to listen to your audio message.

What are the apps that can send audio messages on Android?

There are more than 250 apps on Google Play that support sending audio messages. The famous ones are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype.OaFSMS Service, A2P SMS, Global SMS, BUKA Cloud Communication

Not so famous, but also good ones, are: Voxer, Bubbly, QWiPS, Yiip, HeyTellOaFSMS Service, A2P SMS, Global SMS, BUKA Cloud Communication

With the development of audio messages, more people are sending audio messages to each other. Some might guess that text messages may disappear. There is no need to think like that. Text messages can be used to record important information. For example, addresses, phone numbers, directions, etc, These are information better using text messages to convey.OaFSMS Service, A2P SMS, Global SMS, BUKA Cloud Communication

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