How To Text a Voice Message?

How To Text a Voice Message?

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Nowadays, it is common that people can send both text and voice messages to each other. The text message has been invented for a long time already, while voice message has come up recently a few years ago.To send voice messages on iPhone: You can send voice messages directly on iPhone, using iMessage. When you start a conversation with a contact, just hold the microphone icon in the text box and start speaking. After record the voice message, you can play your message back, send it to your contact, or simply delete it. In iMessage chats, voice messages would disappear after 2 minutes. You can save your voice messages for a longer time if you change the settings: Settings > Messages > Audio Messages > Expire.021SMS Service, A2P SMS, Global SMS, BUKA Cloud Communication

To send voice messages on Android: There is the Messages app on Android which can send and receive voice messages. If the Android system you are using is 6.0 and up, you need to give Messages permission to access your microphone and to send and receive files. The sending process is easy: Open the Messages app > Open or start a conversation > Press and hold Mic > Record your message and tap send. If you don’t want to send the voice message, simply delete it. As for social apps, like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, WeChat, or other messaging apps, sending voice messages is similar to the above procedure. First, you need to permitapps to access your microphone, and then you need to hold on to the mic and record your message, finally you can choose to send or delete your voice message. For WhatsApp, the voice message will be sent directly after you remove your finger from the mic. And if you want to cancel the message, just swipe left during the recording.021SMS Service, A2P SMS, Global SMS, BUKA Cloud Communication

You may be concerned about the deaf or people with hearing disabilities because they are not able to listen well to voice messages. Thanks to science, this problem has been solved by speech-to-text(STT) technology. The recipients now can transform voice messages to text messages by simply one-clicking. Chinese internet giant Tencent has implemented this technology into its best product: WeChat, which is the most popular chatting app among Chinese people.021SMS Service, A2P SMS, Global SMS, BUKA Cloud Communication

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