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Who are we

Gathering ordinary people to create brilliant business

China Skyline Telecom Co., Ltd. has been engaged in foreign telecommunication business for 15 years, and has cooperated with hundreds of telecommunication operators in Southeast Asia, Middle East, South Asia, North Africa and other regions around the world. Our first goal is to provide the most cost-effective short message channel and voice channel. Located in Longhua, Shenzhen, with 200 + employees, it is a diversified technology company integrating R & D and sales of telecom value-added services.

What are we doing

Empower Every Enterprise to Connect Global Users Efficiently and Achieve More

In the era of all things linked cloud service, our products under Buka brand adopt cloud communication technology with high reliability, high stability, low delay, strict security and privacy, and are distributed all over the world. Cooperate with 500 + international operators, from the perspective of enterprise product users, help enterprises connect world users with the square cloud that customers like, make it easier for more enterprises to communicate with users, and let users feel the sincerity of enterprises.

We guarantee

Become an international leading company trusted by customers, loved by employees, and contributing to society

We care about the needs of our customers, constantly improve the service level of our team, and are committed to win-win with customers. We also care about our employees. We have established an employee care fund to help employees solve their difficulties in life, in order to keep employees enthusiastic about life. , We will also organize company tours and quality development on a regular basis. We also encourage employees to be physically and mentally healthy and have set up a gym in the company and provide free milk, beverages and weekly afternoon tea. We always believe that the sense of trust is from the inside out. Only when we are sincere and loving inside, can we better connect with the outside and help and love each other
  • Learning

    All employees enjoy company regular pay monthly study, let employees will be new knowledge into the knowledge, so as to change their knowledge structure
  • Speed

    Speed=Get Chance=Meet the challenge=Super Execution=Competitiveness
  • Trust

    In the face of opportunity and challenge, choose to believe, believe is a kind of instinct, consciousness determines the result


    The team members understand each other, cooperate with each other, and work together for the common goal
  • Our key values
  • Love

    Putting your heart into it and making it happen will result in great achievement and confidence, and you will find meaning in your life through your work


    Keep an honest heart, keep a firm faith
  • Beyond

    Beyond the best grades today, is the lowest requirement tomorrow
  • Innovate

    Be good at finding,Dare to question,Brave innovation and practice

Come with us on a spiritual fantasy journey around the world

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