Reach Users According to Players' Life Cycle and Improve Users' Loyalty

  • Game account login registration

    Dynamic verification completes login, without memorizing complex password, convenient login, improve retention

    With fast, accurate positioning, high quality voice otp, no intercepted by mobile security software, to avoid the loss of users

  • Game account recharge confirmation

    Verify the player's recharge success in time through SMS OTP, to ensure the security of payment

    When recharge with large amount,verified with voice call and then send SMS recharge feedback to improve security and enhance service experience

  • Consumer service reminder

    When the players do recharge, send the consumption tips and account information to the players, so that the players can feel your attention to him, and enhance the players' trust in enterprise

    For high value customers , send service reminders through sip phone

  • Version update

    Prompt new version update information,make player update experience in time

    Through automatic group call and hang up SMS, timely push update messages to avoid missing information

  • Game promotion

    By adding an activity enter menu at the bottom of the SMS, encouraged user download and try it out, improved ranking of the list

    For users who click the download URL but don't download or try it out, enterprise can get user's situation through the sip phone and optimize the game activation mode

  • Gift package promote, limited time reward collection

    In theme activities or some traditional festivals, push latest traditional festival benefits, game props discount and other information to user,attract user to participate actively and improve the effect of user game activities

    With hang up short message, voice group call, push to target user, inform the gift pack has been distributed to the account, improve game login rate

  • Old user promotion

    Send new game launch SMS, festival activities SMS, gift SMS and other SMS to old user

    Collect collects interest and feedback of user via voice call from SIP phone and Hang up SMS, improve the service and dedicated incentive

  • Complaint processing feedback

    The questionnaire survey can put in the SMS for users to fill in, and keep refine follow with user who have fill it

    When user makes a complaint or suggestion , enterprise can express they care to user's complaint through hang up SMS, and express they gratitude and support to the user's suggestion

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