Efficient Customer Service, Establish Good Reputation of Enterprises

  • Security verification

    Help new users register through SMS and voice verification code、confirm payment of logistics expenses, effectively confirm the authenticity of users, and improve user registration conversion rate

  • Delivery notification

    Through the hang up SMS prompt customer delivery time, courier information and delivery items, sign notification, improve the efficiency of the logistics company and simplify the delivery process

  • Pick up notification

    One click group call or SMS is used to communicate with customers in time, reserve pick-up time, improve pick-up efficiency and enhance customers' last mile delivery experience

  • Delivery notification

    Delivery notification, inform the user package has been signed in, remind the user to pay attention, and avoid the user's property loss

Actively develop customer relationship ,improve customer loyalty

  • Marketing promotion

    In the specific Festival,send customers the latest delivery discounts,promotion messages, through SMS, one click group call, hang up SMS ..etc, help logistics enterprise develop marketing strategy multi-channel

  • Customer care

    Send customers company's dynamic profile and holiday care messages,help enterprise attract, develop, maintain and enhance the relationship with customers

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    For valuables or vulnerable items, inform customers the pick-up place with voice call, timely communicate with user , reserve pick-up time, avoid customer property loss, improve customer satisfaction

  • Collect user feedback

    Questionnaire can be filled in the SMS for enterprise to maintain the customer relationship,or get user's situation and collect feedback information through the artificial agent

Professional Team In-Depth Research and Analysis
to Make Your Message Convey Efficiently


Professional Team In-Depth Research and Analysis

to Make Your Message Convey Efficiently

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