Marketing SMS

Each text message can create a new sales opportunity for your business

Follow up the sales journey of customers, send the latest events, order care and other news to customers at the right time, improve the shopping experience and the order conversion rate

Small text messages can greatly power your company’s sales growth
New product promotion

Introduce your latest business and products to customers in the way they prefer, so that your every effort and innovation is seen by more people

Marketing activities reach in time

Festival marketing, periodic promotion and other preferential activities timely reach customers, improve the effect of activities, create more profits for your company

Order full link care

Send payment care, logistics care, refund care and other messages to your customers at the key points of the order, so that customers can have a perfect delivery experience, while improving the order conversion rate

Avoid customer loss

Send personalized message alerts to customers when they forget to pay or hesitate after adding products to their cart, to help your prospective customers reconsider their actions and avoid customer loss

Improve repurchase rate

Send care messages and preferential messages to customers on festivals, members' birthdays and other time nodes to improve user loyalty and increase the re-payment rate


Quality communication technology to create a first-class customer experience

Global Compliance

With the regular telecom license, we can quickly reach the local operators in more than 190 countries and regions and experience the global communication interaction with low latency and high reliability

Real-time Analysis, Data Report Visualization

Visual burial points that omni-directional track and transform data, automatically send and summarize the data, data modules help analyze and adjust the strategy, real-time data statistics with rich data tracking solutions

Content Intelligent Scheduling

Dynamic content adjustment, facilitate easy marketing, familiar with local audiences, customized content, a variety of templates switch at will, convenient and fast, content variables easily replaced, easier to reach

Safety and Privacy

The platform supports HTTPS/SSL interconnection for encrypted transmission, automatic disaster recovery mechanism, redundant backup, and data desensitization to ensure customer data security

Accelerate the process of business development
and create more revenue for your business


15 years of painstaking research to better serve you

Rich experience in international communications

In-depth cooperation with hundreds of overseas operators, multi-protocol docking to ensure that needs are met, and multiple submission methods to easily reach the world

Stable and reliable platform

The platform supports large-capacity, high-concurrency, distributed clustering, high availability, automatic disaster recovery mechanism, and highly elastic and scalable network architecture

Flexible billing and low price

The directly connected channel has low resource prices and high efficiency. The platform has a flexible billing model, which can be sent on demand and provides multiple payment modes for users to choose

High quality service and fast processing

7*24 online service,1V1 timely response,help companles achieve extraorinary results


Quick access with 4 steps

Sign up

Authorization key is automatically generated after signing up

Protocal setting

Support SMPP protocol, allow API HTTP interface

Docking adjusting

Adjusting according to mimicking production environment, avoid unknowns in advance

Production process

Submit tasks, report the status in real-time

Start Creating the Sales Process

Every text message may bring you a new buyer


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