The power of the voice cannot be underestimated

Efficient verification, avoid malicious registration, retain every real customer

When users log in and register, voice verification is enabled. It is sent fast, accurate positioning, with a clear voice, and not blocked by mobile phone security software. It can effectively prevent machine brushing, false verification, and batch registration

One click to connect mass users with voice, warmly notify your customers

In festivals, member birthdays and other times, through one click, using warm voice to kindly send the mass of customers care and service reminder, enhance user experience, make your service more valued by customers

Presise marketing of custonmized words,the effect of the event is obvious

According to the user portrait, customized marketing activities, through high-definition voice, do festival marketing, event marketing, periodic promotion and other preferential activities in the enterprise, timely reach customers, improve the activity effect, create more profits for the enterprise

High quality technical support to make your expression more confident

  • Global compliance

    Deeply engaged in international communication business for 15 years, cooperating with hundreds of operators around the world, promoting localization of brands, and helping enterprises with the Belt and Road Initiative

  • Stable and reliable platform

    Various routes can be selected, supporting large concurrency, AI group calls, rich voice templates, support customization

  • View call data in real time

    Number screening, sound effects at a glance, target customers by call duration

  • Security and privacy

    Peer-to-peer transmission, leaving no trace of private content

Intelligent combination allows your mind to communicate efficiently

  • Human assistant to improve efficiency and build marketing machines

    Multiple routing policies are provided. When a task is repeated, a group call is automatically made to improve working efficiency

    Provide customized message content. The platform stably support 100,000 concurrent routes. On Black Friday, Christmas, it can greatly reduce the traditional enterprise outbound call expenses, improve sales efficiency, creating a low-cost marketing machine

  • SMS verification as an assistance to improve customer retention

    If SMS registration fails or the verification code is not entered for a long time, the system automatically provides the voice verification code service. Multi-call lines help APP expand business quickly and improve the success rate of registration

    Notification of important services and activities, voice + SMS reaching at the same time. Enhance information reception, avoid customer miss, improve enterprise satisfaction

15 years of painstaking research to better serve you

  • High timeliness

    Notification reminding is quick, content delivery is efficient, and customer perception is more obvious

  • 100% regular landline number

    Normal deployment of operators, local landline phone numbers, no security risks, use securely

  • Flexible billing and low price

    The directly connected channels have low price and high efficiency. The platform has flexible billing mode, which can be sent on demand and provides multiple payment modes for users to choose

  • High quality service and fast processing

    7X24 hours online service, 1V1 timely response, help enterprises achieve extraordinary results

Quick access with 4 steps

  • Sign up

    Authorization key is automatically generated after signing up

  • Protocal setting

    Support SMPP protocol, allow API HTTP interface

  • Docking adjusting

    Adjusting according to mimicking production environment, avoid unknowns in advance

  • Production process

    Submit tasks, report the status in real-time

Not what you want?

See more options

  • Voice OTP

    Help enterprises improve customer satisfaction

  • Hang up SMS

    Help enterprises improve their competitiveness

  • Human agent communication

    One click for group call, increase efficiency and reduce cost

Start turning on the charm of voice

Let your sincerity be heard by your customers