The Power of the Voice Cannot be Underestimated

Bulk collection of financial bills to help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency

Depending on the billing cycle, collection strategies are developed to reach customers in bulk with personalised collection tactics with different voice tones to improve the efficiency of collection.

One click to connect mass users with voice, warmly notify your customers

In festivals, member birthdays and other times, through one click, using warm voice to kindly send the mass of customers care and service reminder, enhance user experience, make your service more valued by customers

Presise marketing of custonmized words,the effect of the event is obvious

According to the user portrait, customized marketing activities, through high-definition voice, do festival marketing, event marketing, periodic promotion and other preferential activities in the enterprise, timely reach customers, improve the activity effect, create more profits for the enterprise

High Quality Technical Support to Make Your Expression More Confident

  • Bulk Upload of Numbers

    Support for independent uploading of recordings to be sent in bulk.

  • 100% Regular Landline Number

    Normal deployment of operators, local fixed phone numbers, no security risks, using at ease.

  • Support for Real-Life Recording

    Real human recording, emotionally stable and with a warm voice.

  • Timed Group Call

    Group calls can be scheduled automatically according to the reach policy and user habits.

  • Timed Group Call

    Group calls can be scheduled automatically according to the reach policy and user habits.

  • Efficient and Stable

    The platform supports large-capacity, high-concurrency, distributed clustering, high availability, automatic disaster recovery mechanism, and highly elastic and scalable network architecture.

Intelligent Combination allows Your Mind to Communicate Efficiently

  • Assist manual agents to improve efficiency

    Support real-time transfer to manual after batch group call or set intention node to access manual, improve agent efficiency and reduce manual costs.

    Support for did numbers to transfer inbound users to manual agents.

  • Combine with Hang-up messages to create a marketing tool

    After introducing a marketing campaign to your target customer, send a message that directs the user to the campaign or contains a link to receive a coupon to convert the customer in time.

15 Years of Painstaking Research to Better Serve You

  • Global compliance

    Deeply cultivated in international communication business for 15 years, cooperated with hundreds of operators around the world, and localized brand promotion.

  • Security privacy

    BUKA supports HTTPS/SSL docking encrypted transmission, and adopts automatic disaster recovery mechanism, redundant backup, and data desensitization storage to ensure customer data security.

  • Flexible billing

    Billing only after successful calls connection, high efficiency and less expenses with good business operation.

  • High Quality Service

    VIP service, 1V1 timely response, help enterprises achieve extraordinary achievements.

Quick Access with 4 Steps

  • Sign up

    Authorization key is automatically generated after signing up

  • Protocal setting

    Support SMPP protocol,allow API HTTP interface

  • Docking platform adjusting

    Adjusting according to mimicking production environment, avoid unknowns in advance

  • Production process

    Submit tasks, status report timely

Start Turning on the Charm of Voice

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