Precise customer development, provide the best user experience

Notification of change of important messages, timely confirmation of sensitive messages

When customers are dealing with some important and sensitive business, we can communicate with customers safely in time, confirm customers' situation in detail, patiently guide customers, and ensure the security of customer information

In-depth understanding of demand, precise marketing

Through voice interaction, we can screen valuable groups, control their emotions, analyze their needs, and recommend products, services and preferential activities that meet their expectations, making our marketing programs more accurate and easier for customers to accept

Follow up key order nodes

At the key points of the order, you can give your customers payment guidance and answer their questions through voice, and provide them with order care and logistics care with warm and clear voice and professional attitude. While improving the order conversion rate, you can make your customers have a more satisfactory delivery experience

Maintain key value customer relationship

At the right time, through thoughtful voice, we will inform our important customers of unfinished appointments, services, reminders and so on. We will greet and bless our customers during holidays, maintain customer relations and improve customer loyalty

Customer satisfaction poll

After the customer completes a service or participates in an activity, we communicate with the customer timely, understand the satisfaction degree of the customer and the areas we need to improve, judge the customer's mood by tone, adjust the communication state and provide user support timely

Outstanding communication technology services let your heart's voice be responded to by customers

  • Global Compliance

    Deeply engaged in international communication business for 15 years, cooperating with hundreds of global operators, brand promotion localization, peer-to-peer transmission, leaving no trace of privacy content

  • SIP protocol docking voice applications to easily connect customers

    A dedicated call center can be quickly and flexibly set up. Human agents can connect to SIP voice desktops and applications. The office location is not limited, enabling enterprises to communicate with customers easily

  • Intelligent routing, efficient contact

    Multiple routing policies are provided, including directly connected lines of operators. When a task is repeated, a group call is automatically made to improve agent working efficiency

  • View call data in real time

    Call data can be viewed in real time. Each call is recorded and statistics can be generated for each agent

Meet the requirements of various overseas business scenarios

  • Social APP/Website
  • Cross-border E-commerce
  • Financial Sector
  • Game Industry
  • Logistics Industry

Social APP/Website

Analysis of registered users, screening potential users, through clear voice, better help you conduct application research to them, optimize your product. At the same time, insight into their emotions, let them understand your products and activities, and promote to them, creating more value for the enterprise.

Cross-border E-commerce

Cooperate with the internal customer management system. Manual intervention of special orders. Through patient greetings and help, reduce the bad feedback or promote the product.

Financial Sector

Make targeted calls to member customers, share financial advice, promote fund products, or make overdue reminders with a gentle attitude and sincere words.

Game Industry

When loyal players are not online for a long time, or conduct a game satisfaction survey for players, we can judge players' emotions through voice communication. With a kind and caring tone, dig into the reasons for players' not online, or give suggestions for improving the game products.

Logisitics Industry

For heavy and valuable items or items that are easily damaged, we can communicate with customers in time through voice call, notify the location of pickup, and make an appointment for pickup time to avoid customer property loss and improve customer satisfaction.

15 years of painstaking research to better serve you

  • Hd voice insight into user emotions

    Distributed cluster, high availability, high elastic extensible network architecture, no delay, no echo of high-quality voice services, better insight into the user's mood, to provide help and support for enterprise services.

  • 100% regular landline number

    Normal deployment of operators, local landline phone numbers, no security risks, use securely.

  • Flexible billing and low price

    Each call is charged only after it is connected, save expenses, and business operation effect is good.

  • High quality service and fast processing

    7X24 hours online service, 1V1 timely response, help enterprises achieve extraordinary results.

Quick access with 4 steps

  • Sign up

    Authorization key is automatically generated after signing up

  • Protocal setting

    Support SMPP protocol, allow API HTTP interface

  • Docking adjusting

    Adjusting according to mimicking production environment, avoid unknowns in advance

  • Production process

    Submit tasks, report the status in real-time

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