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Analysis of common causes of API errors
Cause Analysis:
(1.1) The account number passed in through the SMS sending interface is wrong, and you need to check whether the account number is correct.
(1.2) POST submission does not include account, sign, and datetime in the URL.
2. Authentication error: {"status":-1,"desc":"auth failed"}
Cause Analysis:
(2.1) The incoming password of the SMS sending interface is wrong. You need to check whether the password is correct. The password is API secret, not the login password. The API secret needs to be obtained by logging in to the Tianyihong SMS system.
(2.2) The datetime used in the sign parameter passed in the sending interface is inconsistent with the datetime passed in the interface.
Time expires: {"status":-16,"desc":"timestamp expires"}
Reason analysis: user needs to use the timestamp of the current system (allowable time range: within half an hour)
Wrong number: {"status":-9}
Cause analysis: The number passed by the sending interface is wrong. The common reasons are as follows:
(1) The receiving number does not add the country code or the country code is followed by 0. The skyline system requires that the incoming number be a complete international number with the country code. Correct example: 6281211111111, wrong example: 81211111111, 081211111111, 6208211111111.
(2) The receiving number is not within the scope of service cooperation, for example, only cooperates with Indonesia, then this account can only send Indonesian numbers, and other countries' numbers will return -9.
(3) The receiving number is within the scope of service cooperation and the number format is correct, then the number segment of this number is not allowed in the number segment of the skyline system. Please confirm whether the number exists. If you confirm it exists, you can contact the skyline account manager to add it.
Frequency limit: {"status":-15,"desc":"Frequent Queries"}
Reason analysis: The query frequency of the getsentrcd interface exceeds the limit. The query frequency is allowed to query once per minute at most, and the query frequency needs to be controlled within the allowable range.

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