• Verified real user ,protect privacy

    Reservation of mobile phone for user registration through voice call, send OTP, confirm user identity, complete login or password reset, protect user privacy to a greater extent and avoid major losses

    The SMS channel with stable connection, quickly verify the authenticity of user.Quickly, positioned accurately, and high quality voice OTP. It is not intercepted by mobile phone security software, and can be used by mobile phones and fixed phones

  • Financial services notification

    Send notification for account balance, repayment reminder and suspicious transaction in time, send instant message for account registration and service activation, and quickly verify financial customers to ensure additional security measures

    When customers handle some important and sensitive business, timely conduct secure voice communication with customers, confirm the situation of customers in detail, patiently guide customers , and ensure the safety of customer information

  • Promotion of financial products

    Screen value customers, provide personalized fund services, recommend bonds and other financial products, share financial industry overviews, and help companies develop better by sending targeted financial advice

    When making account changes and service activation, voice verification of the authenticity of financial customers to ensure that additional security measures are taken. Direct calls to member customers, with a gentle attitude and sincere words, share financial advice, promote fund products, or give reminders of overdue

  • Increase customer loyalty

    By sending survey requests to customers, help you collect customer feedback, improve your business or products, better serve customers, and increase customer loyalty

    At the right time, through caring voice, we will notify our important customers of unfinished appointments, services, reminders, etc. Greetings and blessings on holidays, maintaining customer relationships, and improving customer loyalty

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