VOICE verification code

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On-hook SMS

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During login, registration, and information confirmation, users can obtain the verification code by voice or use it in combination with the SMS verification code to maximize product security and user experience.

No interception

The voice verification code is fast to be sent, accurate to be located, and the voice is clear. It can be used for both mobile phones and fixed-line phones, and is not blocked by mobile phone security software

Eliminate brush orders and malicious registration

To a certain extent, the voice verification code ensures that one number corresponds to one account, effectively preventing the phenomenon of machine brushing, fake verification, and batch registration, reducing platform operation costs

Avoid customer loss

If the SMS message fails to arrive or the customer does not enter the verification code within a certain period of time after the customer has applied for the verification code, the voice verification code is selected to avoid the loss of new users caused by the delay of the SMS message or the delay of the verification code


Users reserve their mobile phones when registering, and we can inform them of the verification code through voice calls to confirm the user's identity and complete the password reset, which can also protect users' privacy to a greater extent and avoid heavy losses

We Will Do Our Best to Protect Your Hard Work

  • Global Compliance

    Fifteen years of experience in international telecom operation, in-depth cooperation with hundreds of overseas operators, multi-protocol docking to ensure that demand is met, and multi-submission methods easily reach the world

  • Stable and Reliable Platform

    The platform supports large-capacity, high-concurrency, distributed clustering, high availability, automatic disaster recovery mechanism, and highly elastic and scalable network architecture

  • 100% Regular Landline Number

    Normal deployment of operators, local fixed phone numbers, no security risks, using at ease

  • Real-time Analysis, Data Report Visualization

    The platform supports HTTPS/SSL interconnection for encrypted transmission, automatic disaster recovery mechanism, redundant backup, and data desensitization to ensure customer data security

  • Sip Protocol Interconnects With Voice Applications to Connect Customers Easily

    The dedicated call center can be built quickly and flexibly. The manual attendants can connect to the SIP protocol voice desktop and applications. The public places are no longer limited, conversations between business and customers can happen in real time

  • Security and Privacy

    Dedicated to the deployment of global nodes to ensure access speed, dedicated lines cover up to 190 countries and regions

  • Flexible Billing and Low Price

    The directly connected channel has low resource price and high efficiency. The platform has flexible billing mode, which can be sent on demand and provides multiple payment modes for users to choose

  • High Quality Service and Fast Processing

    7X24 hours online service, 1V1 timely response, help enterprises achieve extraordinary achievements

Quick Access in 4 Steps

  • Sign up

    Authorization key is automatically generated after signing up

  • Protocal setting

    Support SMPP protocol,allow API HTTP interface

  • Docking platform adjusting

    Adjusting according to mimicking production environment, avoid unknowns in advance

  • Production process

    Submit tasks, status report timely

Production Process

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